Letting God lead the way, Jeremy and I are answering the call on our hearts to serve the Lord as missionaries. Jeremy and I have been believers in Jesus Christ since very young ages. We first met in 2013 and committed our relationship to God immediately! We both were baptized at our church on September 13th 2015. Jeremy has worked in several fields where he was helping others and found more than just fulfillment, but joy as well. I have worked with children from preschoolers to school aged and found it have a passion for children and adults with special needs and different abilities. Jeremy and I are both responding to an incredibly strong pull on our hearts to serve God and others as well. It breaks our hearts to see such a need world wide and want to do what we can, we want to do our part for the Kingdom. Bringing the message of the cross with us wherever we go!! People are SO LOVED and they need to know it! Jeremy can not wait to use his gifts to Glorify God, and I can't wait to do so as well! We are praising God in advance for what we accomplish, and how he's moving in our lives! Thank you for your prayers and support, you are a huge part of spreading the love of Jesus Christ!

Samantha and Jeremy


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